Do you want to be able to say that your flight school is the best in your area or state? Master Instruction can audit your school. This audit will reward you and provide a comparative national ranking based on our audit/review. Top notch best schools are the crème-de-la-crème and designated a Master Instruction Five Star Flight School. To find out if you are the Best, contact Master Instruction, Inc. and arrange for an audit.

Area of Review:
Master Instruction will use a qualified audit in the areas of Customer Service, Instructor Qualifications, Aircraft Dispatch, Student Completion, Flight Line, Business Stability, Facilities, Course Development, Aircraft, and others. Master Instruction audits your flight school every three years or upon request when you have made a significant change that will reward your progress.

After Qualifications:
Master Instruction will provide you with graphics, press release copy, a wall plaque and other materials so all your customers and potential students will see that you are the best.

Master Instruction, Inc.